Brisbane Landscape Architecture & Design

Our advantage in this industry is that we offer industry an recognised design and construction capability. Provision of Concept and Planting Plans to accompany construction projects allows the design intent to be seen by the client during the planning and operational work stages.

This achieves a better understanding of expected outcomes, sympathetic alterations and allows for better control over the final quality of the landscape.

We provide a hands on approach to design extending from the initial contact, plan creation to implementation. Our on-site consultations involve reviewing the client's brief in the context of site factors, aesthetics, functionalism and budget.

The Design Process

The provision of plan work on certain projects enables the client to visualise the design intent. These plans combined with the ‘job file’ ensure the site supervisor and project manager are aware of the agreed project scope and fully briefed on the expected layout and desired aesthetic outcome.

In the construction stage we provide regular onsite consultation between the Landscape architect, Leading Hand and client. This allows the project brief and associated contract to be maintained and suitably adapted whilst remaining true to the design intent

Landscape Architect

Our strength in this industry is a result of actively involving a qualified Landscape Architect in all levels of our projects. The integration of the Landscape Architects perspective in all aspects of the business, from initial site consultation, estimations and proposals, construction management to hand over ensures the highest possible outcome in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Where a project is accompanied by an existing plan and/or an exterior Landscape architect/architect, we bring a professional understanding and interpretation of the provided plan work and documentation. Furthermore, the availability of qualified design professional as project manager also facilitates the ongoing site related discussions in order to realise a projects full design intent.

Landscape Drawings and Plans

Where the size or complexity of the project requires it, Conceptual plan work, Surfaces treatment plans, Planting layouts and Construction detailing will be provide prior to commencement of works.


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