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With over 15 years experience, GD Trent Landscapes has been involved in a range of jobs both private and commercial.

Our advantage in this industry is that we offer clients both a design and construction capability. The provision of Concept and Planting plan work to accompany construction projects allows the design intent

to be seen by the client and results in a better understanding of the extent of works. Where plan work is supplied, our experience in understanding this design intent enables the construction to follow the objectives ensuring that the project brief is met.

The small to medium size nature of the business allows for a high level of consultation and input by the project manager to each ongoing project. This daily monitoring of individual work sites ensures that projects are done to specification and come in on budget. It also allows for a speedy resolution in instances where plan-site inconsistencies necessitate alterations to the scope of works. 

Due to the Principle’s (Projects manager) direct input with all aspects of the administration of the business, a highly responsive approach is taken to documentation, quoting, estimating and invoicing. The resulting immediate and efficient nature of communications between the contractor and client ensures a high quality outcome for a competitive price thereby maintaining our commitment to Quality Assurance. 

Landscape design and construction projects range from Commercial shopping centre surrounds, Council/residential creek/riverbank rehabilitation, multiple flood rectification works, general Council landscaping projects, environmental management and revegetation, to inner city courtyards, suburban Backyards and acreage landscapes.

Construction elements have included rock and block retaining walls, stone pitched walls, sleeper walls, concreting, paving (wide range of material types), pergolas and gazebos, water features and ponds, irrigation, tanks and all aspects of stormwater drainage. 

Greg has been involved in the Landscape and development industry for 22 years. His experience ranges from land surveying, landscape design to landscape construction. His involvement in the landscape industry, both private and commercial, has incorporated a range of aspects from initial client consultation, site survey, draft and computer aided design, estimations and ongoing client/contractor consultation, organization of job schedules/materials, onsite supervision as a foreman and payment negotiations.

GD Trent Landscapes’ focus has been for a more sustainable development approach by utilizing onsite factors, the surrounding environment and water-wise design principles. For this reason we has given endemic and climate suitable species prominence in his work and where possible encourages onsite stormwater retention whilst maintaining the clients brief.


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