Brookfield Landscaping

GDTrent Landscapes was originaly contracted for a 31,000lt inground concrete water tank installation.

Landscaping Brookfield
Brookfield Landscaping
Brookfield Landscaper
Landscaper Brookfield

This installation required us to create access for trucks along an existing grassed drainage line that in turn required stone walls to create suitable levels. In the early stages of the earthworks the client requested we open open up the flow path.

With the stone walls up, access was achieved and the tank installed. The efficient installation of the previous works with some descriptive suggestions encouraged the client to rejuvenate the creekline. The result was rejuvenated water course that was not longer just a drainage channel and maintenance headache but a aesthetically pleasing section of yard providing habitat to many creatures. We later were invited to provide our services in order to rejuvenate the existing dam and connect these proposed gardens to those of the creekline.

This is one of my favourite projects. We created the quintessential Aussie creek and billabong nestling within rolling green lawns- who needs to go camping


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